I am a Finnish fitness model and a physical education entrepreneur. Exercising has been my passion ever since I was a child, and I’ve been doing different sports from the day I learned to crawl.

I graduated as a physical education adviser from the Finnish Sports Academy in 2012. In addition I am a certified Spartan Bodyweight instructor, and I’ve been coaching exercise groups in different forms since 2009.

Wellness is extremely important to me, and I encourage people to all around self-development instead of just appearance related goals. I believe that a person is an entity that functions best when everything from the psyche to the physical attributes are in balance.

I have done a vast array of modeling: to international sports magazines, fashion magazines, catalogues and company ads. I have hosted events from galas to conventions and company events, coached exercise days and events for companies and given lectures about wellness. I also have years of experience in promotional work.

Contact info:

email: janni.hussi@gmail.com

You can also contact me with the contact form.